Friday, April 20, 2018

It's 4/20... Do you know where your Sunbird is??

I know mine are both tucked away safe thankfully... one of them 40 year's to the day it was built... Happy 40th Birthday to my Sunbird which was scheduled to run on this day, April 20th in 1978.

At some point my paperwork was received and some sheet metal blanks were loaded into giant stamping machines, and my unit began to take shape from there.

Here it is, in it's former glory.     Fortunately, I still own the car and I can keep it inside. It isn't far from being road worthy, however, it unfortunately sits in a dusty corner awaiting time and money that it might never see.  And worse yet, It was stripped of it's tail panel to save a more complete car.  This was a replacement one anyways, but it did make the car complete.  I have a plan to fabricate something, perhaps this year.

Happy Birthday Old Bird!!

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