Monday, June 9, 2014

Mark's Monza Spyder to circle Lake Ontario?

Well yes indeed..,

 Thats the plan..  In early August 2014 I will drive my '78 Chevy Monza , about 11 hours, clear around Lake Ontario.

Why? To stop halfway around for a Burger of course..  But not just any Burger ..  a Burger charred to perfection at the 9th annual "Monza-Que" with a dozen or so other H-body enthusiasts, in Brighton, Ontario.
  Great food, cold drink's. plenty of car chatter, with people who know what your talking about!

I plan on filming the journey using a Gopro Hero3  Video Camera I'm hoping to purchase in the upcoming week's.  I'll post the journey to YouTube when I'm back at the garage!

Will we go clockwise? Will we go counter clockwise? (That's the way I went last time, but also the way I returned)  only time will tell...  4 more weeks or so!

UPDATE 7-1-14

Mark's Monza World is now "Gopro" enabled.

We only have the cheapest model, the Hero3 white..   but it should work for what I need it to do.

For those who may not know, a Gopro camera is an action camera designed specifically for first person view action footage.  It's designed to be mounted on the roll cages of race cars, handelbars of bikes, helmets of motorcross,  Chests of hikers, and right to the bodies of cars with the suction cup mount.

Wide angle lenses,  and high quality video, make these camera's perfect for capturing the action on the fly.. Even playing it back in slow motion.    

Here are some preliminary test video's I made as an example.

More to come......

Well, the time has finally come, and the journey begin's.  Of course were a little behind schedule, but no rush.

As I turn off this PC, I step out and hit the road, see you at the 9th annual Monza-Que!!

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