Saturday, July 5, 2014

Monza meet's GoPro Hero3 Action Cam

Just me testing my Gopro hero3 'white' with a suction cup mount and an external microphone.
The microphone is just an old computer mic...(on a budget).  Just got the USB to Mic adapter cable today and wanted to test it all out.  (Drove from Rochester to Buffalo to get it).

 I used a dremel tool and ground out the waterproof housing to accept the Usb adapter cable. Worked well. 

Sounds like the mic is a little sensitive to wind noise..I'm going to have to make a small noise canceler out of a piece of foam.  
The suction cup mount is one I used from an old GPS unit I have.  It seems to hold on even outside the car as long as the surfaces are polished clean and tiny bit of water is used.

Video's shot at 1080p @30fps.
Camera controlled using GoPro app

If it appears that the steering wheel is bent your right. That's how it was made to compensate for a slightly off center steering column.  So it sits straight at the driver when it's in the straight-ahead position.  

Driving the car you never know it's like that. it's only from this camera angle that it's noticeable

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