Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New parts.. Accell Super coil..

 I'm had some time getting some road miles down with a new ignition coil from Accell.

So far so good.

Early this year I won a gift certificate to a local auto parts chain.  Other chains had it a few bucks cheaper, but I paid the exact same for mine as offered below.

Other recent improvements include a new distributor base, (typical billet generic).

And some new cosworth vega rims with well balanced dunlop tires on them.

All these parts have contributed to the best running form this car has been in since I acquired it 16+ years ago.

In all gears the car pulls happily to the redline.    It will accellerate smooth and easy with no complaints from 1000rpm in 4th gear.. Or shoot right up into the redline in first. 

It's starts up nice as well. Even hot.  I was also able to gap the plugs pretty wide at just a tick under .050 for all of them.

Why? For a nice fat spark. The Accell has the juice to fire them consistently at this gap.

I'll have to get a picture of it soon. Just wish the housing was red..

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