Sunday, November 3, 2013

The 'airfoil' window lineage...

The airfoil side window shape, in automotive design history....

The airfoil shape as seen below is well known in certain circles.

Designers have used this shape for the side window profile on cars to suggest an "aerodynamic" look.
It also somewhat looks like an eye, or an 'alien eye' and some have also suggested it's a 'teardrop' shape.

Whatever you call the shape.. it's a sleek and eye catching design that was used on the monza 2+2.
In automotive design, it's noted as having one continuous arching line, starting at the bottom of the "A pillar"
and following to the bottom of the "C Pillar"

The designers of the monza  say they actually interpreted the design from a popular Ferrari model of the day

The 365 gtc/4 as seen here:

Those Thieves!
So we'll call this the first in this showcase.
If you know of an earlier car to use the airfoil shape leave a comment below!

I'd venture to guess this Opal GT was probably an influence as well but not quite an airfoil to my eye..
Or just not such a pronounced one..
The angle at the top of the "A-Pillar"  to the roof line spoils the effect. and the rear glass lacks the long point.

Here's a very obvious, yet very pleasing use of the shape:
 The Chevrolet Monza 2+2
1975 to 1980

and in no particular order.. 

Mazda? MX6?

Ford? Focus.. 

1995+ Chevy Cavalier?

And it's Predecessor with the short production run like the Monza, the Cobalt..? This ones a little flat on the bottom but the Full arch of the roof-line, and pointy triangle rear glass just qualify..
Here's the latest in the line, and it almost shares a name with the H body Pontiac "Astre"  Here's a Saturn "Astra"

To me this is close, but not quite..

And what the hell it's a Ford Aspire 

It's somewhat of a symmetrical arch but it suggests an airfoil to some degree 

This shape to cars is like the blues is to music, reinterpret the same 3 chords tastefully enough and you can call it your own.

Have any more suggestions? Leave a comment below! 
Hope you enjoyed this.

Just Added...  How did we forget?  Here's the airfoil side window profile on a worthy car...
The Nissan 240!

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