Sunday, October 27, 2013

I.S.O. # 2 Photo's from Lordstown Ohio Assembly Plant.

Here in the latest installment of  "In Search Of..."   We are on the look-out for pictures of Monza's on the production line at Lordstown Ohio.

Right now on-line, you can find pictures of every model the Lordstown plant has ever produced except the Monza 78 - 80! I've searched everywhere and they don't exist..

Actually     --Just Found!!---

But copied from a scan of an old newspaper article, so the picture is barely visible...these so far the ONLY KNOWN  photo from the Monza days at Lordstown..  This is a '79 Starfire Firenza..

Lordstown Ohio, Chevrolet Monza, Chevy Cruze
Yes I know, it's barely even visible. :(  Maybe the Associated Press still has the original?

Here's a Sunbird all done....

 I have some from the St.Therese plant from 1975.
 They were found in a "Chevrolet Friends"  magazine to promote new Chevy sales.

Here is the pic. I couldn't get my scanner to work so I had to resort to taking a digital pic of the magazine page.  Here it is..   There's a floorpan going down the line, about to become a monza..

The overhead hoisted monza is being placed on a jig to check the straightness of the body after initial welding procedures. 2 pictures show welding operations as the car went down the line. This was a pre-production run to work out kinks, and test welding procedures.
Later down the line the Monza is just behind an orange Vega  waiting to get it's 262 V8 installed in it.
And some wheel moulding trim is applied in it's final stages of assembly.

Here are some Vega ones from just a few years earlier than the monza...

Assembly line Lordstown Ohio Unimate
                                                    Unimates at work on Unibodies.

 Lordstown Ohio
Where are the same type of pictures with the Monza's and Sunbird's?

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