Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Misc. Rambling # 1

Why dont I get out there and drive my monza very much?  Because I always end up spending time just LOOKING at the damn thing. 20 years of H body's, and I NEVER get tired of looking at it from every angle! WTF is up with this cars styling? Devils in the details? I do think Irv Rhybycki had some things up his sleeve when he penned this car. Or Pinninfarina, worked there magic shapes all over this design. It's really a rolling work of art. The Led Zeppelin, of the auto industry...or maybe the Rush.

We have the Alien eye / 'Eye of Horus' side window shape.. lots optical illusion going on in just that alone. The fantastically arc'd roof line. Lots of Glass... the giant rear window.. Even the coupe's without those 2 elements garner a few minutes of staring when I get the chance.

The whole shape flows eyes go up one way, and follow other contours back. The tail end. The front viewed from the front and the side... awesome! Totally 'far-out' ! The designers seemed definitely "turned on-tuned in- and dropped out" for these super coupe'd Vega's.

Some people have said 'that car looks weird' but I think that those people just simply aren't used to this amount of visual impact on a car,....or a car as a rolling piece of art.
A poor mans Ferrari 365 gtc/4 and/or Porsche928 for sure.

I love my monza.... But Dammit...I need to Drive the thing more than just stare at it in the garage,lololol
Here it is on a recent drive. '13

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