Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The latest adittion...the Cosworth wheels and tires.

Late last year I scored one of the best deals on wheel ever.

I stumbled across a local set of very hard to find Cosworth Wheels. These rim's which are most well known by that name, were in fact optional Monza's made in 1978. They were being marketed then as the "Styled Gold" wheel.

So these could have been ordered for this monza...and to me it really looks like they should have.

The Gold against the red draws attention to the car, and really ties in with the subtle gold spyder accents, and the unusual tan interior. Plus 8 spokes like 8 legs of a spider.

I like the spokes design for it's similarity to a "minilite" rim which suggest a car built for handling and trans-am racing.

Gold is always perceived as upscale. I think they help to give the car a real 'up-level' trim look.

The tires are just right as well. Hard to find Dunlop 205 60 13's in excellent condition.

The magic of it all is the perfect balance on the rims. The ride of the car has never been this smooth in the 16 years I've owned it. I always thought the car had some mild inherent drive line issues, but not any more.

The car is really smooth right on through to can't-mention-here speed's. It get's into hot water (in NY'S conservatively set speed area's) very easily, now that there is no vibration to warn me.

The car has been very fun to drive since their addition. They replaced some 185 70 13's that handled good, but didn't have the tread width to handle like these.

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