Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The entire 1978 Lordstown Ohio H-Body Production Schedule project..

I've created (as many of you from the H-body.org/forum know)  the entire 1978 H-body Production Run, day by day, front beginning to end, using the H-body.org/form.

See it here..


What it is, is a timeline of the 1978 production run using, known dates, and  "trim-tag"* and "buildsheet"* codes from real examples. It's 15 pages. Every single day.. all 242 production days given a post.

* "Trim Tag" is also known as a Cowl Tag. and contains codes used to assemble and track the car through the paint booths of the plant where the paperwork couldn't follow it.
It's located under the hood. On the drivers side. Lower Cowl area.

* "Buildsheet" or Build-sheet is also known as a "Broadcast sheet" They were paper's that helped the car get assembled. They were left behind in the car's , commonly found behind interior panels and under carpets.

Why did I create this?    It was fun...      It includes my 1978 Monza.
 Assembly plant, Lordstown Ohio, 70 cars an hour

It helps create a full picture of how these unique car's were assembled at this highly automated, fast paced and very modern (for the time) production plant.

It helps to also lift the mystery from the trim tag date coding system used at the plant.

I was able to decode the date system, using the pile of trim tag and buildsheet data I'd collected from the many H bodies I owned as-well-as many examples I pulled from wrecking yard cars, and some gracious submissions from readers of the forum..

It need's your help!..  If you can contribute your 1978's data, or some information from a wrecking yard car, or a car you used to own, I would really appreciate it!!

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